Safe and Secure

Within Microsoft’s South East Data Center our custom built platform is hosted and the data store is held securely.

To ensure complete sovereignty of service our platform and data warehouses are custom built and the data is only in Australia.

These Microsoft services are certified by the Australian Cyber Security Centre  (ACSC).


Designed by experienced Education professionals to provide complete visibility over all students, compliance and administration alerts,TGA currency, referral behaviour, qualification performance.

Dashboard view refreshers data from major VET software including but not limited to VETRAK, Accelerate and Job Ready to deliver insight into critical operations and development data

We offer subscription-based industry solutions and bespoke creations to bring alive every view of operations. Packages available to meet your needs, please contact our solutions team on 1300 240 816 to discuss options with a dedicated solutions expert.


From the wealth of information available to you, Anasight Connect has been built to take advantage of these sources by building custom data connectors drawing data & information to provide and allow easy “use and view” solutions from the information.

These data sources and connectors power your suite of insight solutions to provide you with the business information needed to operate with insight.


A holistic view of a business and industry is crucial to achieving success. With a suite of dashboards at your fingertips this goal becomes a reality.

Health & Compliances

Allowing you to gain up to date information to monitor and manage the health & compliance requirements which provides you with the opportunity to shift from a reactive to a pro-active state.


Accessing your past and projecting your future operation trends can be the key to unlocking and driving success across your business. Also creating an empowering learning culture and environment for learners.

Sales & marketing

Providing the ability to measure KPI’s and unlock the key to successful business growth and improvement.

Industry & Labour Market

Anasight Connect can achieve insight to Industry and Labour markets by drawing from outside data sources to merge with your business against the markets.

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