Drawing on the wealth of data available to education providers, Anasight has created a business intelligence solution Anasight Connect


Connect breaks down the silos of business information to transparently surface detailed analysis on: Operations, Health & Compliance, Sales & Marketing and Industry Insights. Connect enables insight analysis of Learners, Employers, Industry and Labour markets to support an increase in quality learners and business outcomes.

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Anasight Consult is a comprehensive consulting service designed around our client’s needs. Consult offers tailored business intelligence solutions to all education industry providers, 


Our experienced consultants are able to support and guide your business towards holistic solutions. From data and statistical analysis to operations and performance, Consult will work with you to support your business goals.

Who We Are

Anasight was established to service a notable gap in the current Education Industry, to provide business analytic solutions for the education sector.

Anasight provides its clients’ cost-effective access to insightful intel and analysis of key metrics against performance targets.  This ensures greater efficiencies in its operations; providing visibility of compliance risks and helping highlight Business Development opportunities whilst improving student outcomes.

How we deliver

Anasight pushes the boundaries of technical innovation and data-driven business solutions.

A true hybrid between a BI Platform, Big Data Analytics, Software Platform and a Consulting Service, Anasight is a market leader in enterprise-grade data warehousing, business intelligence, analysis, video display, web and mobile displays.

Anasight takes the time to understand your companies business needs and goals before providing cost-effective and actionable insights that solve the real-world problems of the small and medium businesses of Australia.

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